From the first time my husband and I were dating, we loved taking walks and hiking through the woods. We started casually. Once we started adulting, we moved to western NY and bought a house around the corner, literally, from Letchworth State Park. We love taking hikes there. By “hikes” I mean glorified walks through the woods with a walking stick in hand and staying on paths through the woods. We don’t climb mountains, we don’t blaze our own trails, and we often bring children with us.

Maybe some don’t consider that “real” hiking but for us it is. We love to get up on Sunday morning and head out to a park or state recreation area and hike through the woods. When we decided that we were going to hike, not just when the spirit moved us, but on a consistent basis, it was hard to decide on where we wanted to hike. There wasn’t a¬†website that I could find that had family friendly hikes in western NY laid out with photos, tips and links. So the idea was born for this site.13606842_10209969167533728_5059232889504758208_n

Hopefully this blog will encourage other regular people who just like to go on simple hikes and enjoy the outdoors either alone or with their family. And when winter comes, which is inevitable in western NY, hopefully we’ll be trying out something different… snowshoes!