Down in Naples, NY there is a local hiking spot that appears to be well known if you are from the area, and not so much if you are not. We decided to check it out because I had read about the beautiful waterfalls that were well worth the hike through the creek bed.

Once you get into Naples, Grimes Glen is at the dead end of Vine Street. The County park has a good sized parking area that was almost full when we got there on a summer day at 11 and was full by the time we left in early afternoon with at least one car waiting for a spot.  The park is perfect for hiking with children and we saw many families with children, some toddlers, starting off on the hike. Two bathrooms right at the trail head are handy for hiking with children.. or just handy in general.

We came out not very well prepared. I had scored metal walking sticks at the Goodwill last year, as well as having 3 wood walking sticks I have found on various hikes that I love, but we had left them at home. I at least, knew to bring old shoes that could get wet because they were sopping by the time we were done.  We were a little nervous when we noticed everyone looking much more like hiking pros then we did with backpacks, water shoes, and walking sticks.19601591_10213551944180905_6477124191598272765_n

The trail starts over a bridge to the left or you can head right to the creek. We decided to try the bridge trail.  It started as most trails through the woods. It was muddy from recent rain and followed the creek. It was a very easy trail.. not many roots, relatively flat and fairly wide. 19601443_10213551945060927_4120683914892558060_n

Eventually, however, our trail ended and it was either turn back or head into the water. I figured if a pregnant mom and her toddler could get into the fairly quick moving creek, so could we. So in we went. I’m not a huge fan of having wet clothes, but I have to say, hiking the creek was a lot of fun! Be prepared to get wet.. at some points in the creek the water was up over our ankles.  I was prepared for slippery, moss covered rocks, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was easy to keep my footing with some concentration.


We finally made it to the waterfall and it was well worth the hike.  Sixty feet of cascading water, which was a popular spot for selfies. You can climb up the side to stand in the waterfall itself, as many people (and some with their dogs) were doing.  Hiking further on the creek, you will come to another water fall but we didn’t because we were short on time. 19642236_10213551945820946_1304838427756233207_n

Heading back, I had to say that I just had a really fun time hiking in the creek. It made us feel like kids again and plan to come back again with our teenager, who will love the hike too.

Check out more information about Grimes Glen.  When you come out to hike, definitely bring shoes that can get wet. I would recommend a walking stick, which I’m bringing the next time we go, and some bug spray.  It’s a great hike to do on a hot summer day!